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Brady's Close-up Act

Close-up is performed in an intimate setting and happens to be Brady's favorite type of magic. Typically aimed at crowds of less than 40 people, Brady's close-up routine is hard hitting and fun. The act starts by pulling a full bottle of Coke out of his shoe! Brady incorporates humor as he entertains with technical coin magic, hard hitting card magic, and mind blowing mental magic. This is the very act that earned Brady the opportunity to perform as a headliner at   the prestigious Magic Castle, in Hollywood!

Brady's Parlor Act

Parlor magic is typically used for larger crowds than close up but smaller than stage. Typically aimed at crowds of 40-75, Brady's parlor routine consists of hard hitting card magic coupled with mind bending mentalism and humor. This act has been refined on harbor cruises, corporate functions and of course, in the dungeon of The Magic Castle. You don't want to miss this!

Brady's Strolling and Trade-Show Act

Strolling magic allows for the intimate feel of close-up magic, but for large groups. Brady will walk table to table amazing your guests doing small routines for each individual. This works well in corporate settings, weddings, large parties, and trade shows. In the trade show setting, Brady will be happy to tailor magic to your brand and is versed in bringing clients to your booth. Brady holds a B.S. in business and a M.S. in management. Simply stated, Brady understands business and will be happy to incorporate his magic act at your business event. 

Brady's Stage Act

Stage magic is aimed at large crowds. Typically 75 and up, traditional stage magic uses large apparatus and illusion. Brady aims to break this mold by keeping an intimate feel utilizing much of the proven mentalism from his parlor act, but on a much larger scale. You're group will welcome Brady's fun humor and they will appreciate the wealth of experience he brings to the stage. 

Brady's Keynote Speaking

Described as funny, magical, and professional! Brady is a seasoned public speaker, getting his experience from years of presenting at the corporate level. Let Brady tailor your own custom message while incorporating magic, visual aids and humor! 

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