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About Brady

Brady Glen has been a student of magic for 28 years, specializing in both close-up and strolling magic.


He fell in love with the art at a young age when Alexander the Great visited his elementary school, providing all students with a free show. As a child, he dabbled with tricks, but his passion exploded when his father-in-law gifted him with a set of books and videos, rekindling his zeal for magic.


In 1994, he passed the audition for membership at the Magic Castle (clubhouse for The Academy of Magical Arts) in Hollywood. Through the years, Brady’s magic knowledge and love for the art, history and traditions have grown. His professional magic experience includes working in restaurants, corporate parties, private parties and charity events.


Brady resides in Southern California, and frequently can be found testing out his latest effects and artistry on family members and friends.


For more information, contact 714-553-6622 or email

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